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"Kendall and Vicki were a pleasure to work with. We discussed our ideas and desires for our living room space that we asked them to help us transform. The idea they presented was spot on because they listened and understood our style. They handled everything so professionally and efficiently. When we saw the finished product - we were amazed how they were able to transform the space and make it so much more inviting and cozy. We will cherish the space for many years to come!"

Betsy H., Lake Forest

"Facing a home interior project can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. With the help of Interior Design Partnership (IDP) though, my husband and I have never felt overwhelmed by the task at hand.

From large-scale projects such as kitchen, bath and office remodeling to smaller decorating projects – IDP is a master at streamlining the various details to keep projects manageable. The IDP team is collaborative with the various stakeholders, always prepared for meetings and helpful when vetting details during the construction phase to the finish line. They will source all your needs whether you require a general contractor, painter or upholstery service…they always know who to call if you don’t.

Design goals are understood with a keen sense that every client is unique. We are a couple who prefers a more limited role in the selection process. We typically have a meeting about the vision and let IDP develop the plan. They are quick to gauge likes and dislikes, budget and timelines. As a result, we have found that design plans with IDP move efficiently from idea to implementation.

IDP is also innovative – a master at repurposing, when appropriate. Often times, designers can be rooted in launching with new furniture and appointments. I find IDP to be flexible, open to working with a variety of price points and willing to guide on budget allocation. The design plan also includes an itemized budget so we are completely aware of the potential total expense and can plan accordingly.

My husband and I have enlisted IDP on each and every home project, as we are very aware that we need support when it comes to such endeavors. Whether small or large scale needs, if seeking a consummate professional in interior design we highly recommend IDP."

Caroline S., Glenview

"We moved to Lake Forest with a four-year-old and a newborn baby.  We loved our new home; however, quickly realized we needed professional help in choosing paint colors for the entire house!  I knew Vicki and Kendall had a great and well-respected interior design business (IDP) and I called them right away.  I needed a firm who could handle the project from start to finish and help me get it done! 


We met at our house multiple times to discuss the scope of the project, our desired outcomes and style and to look at samples.  IDP made the process, which was at first beyond overwhelming, manageable and even fun.  They presented us with 2-3 choices per room and I felt great about what we chose.  Guests in our home routinely comment on the refreshing and good-looking paint colors. 


Our work with IDP did not stop there!  Six months after getting settled in the house I called them back to help choose lighting fixtures for the dining room, entry hall and guest room.  Again, a seamless process resulting in our complete satisfaction.  We have continued to use IDP to selected furniture for our guest room and they are on call to work on our other rooms.  Vicki and Kendall are experts in the field; have a passion for helping people utilize the space in their homes; have reasonable and fair rates; and are a complete joy to work with on small and big projects." 


Gretchen, Lake Forest

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